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Business Plans are for employees who:

•Are heavy voice (National and International)

•Are heavy data users (Internet, video etc..)

There is no restriction on number of lines you can buy as long as the total monthly recurring charge is within the credit limits.

Yes, Business Mobile Plans have a minimum 12-month contract.

Yes, but please note this plan has a minimum 12-month contract. Therefore, you’ll be charged a termination fee as stated in the application form.

You can upgrade at any time during your contract period without penalty. However, in the case of downgrades, switching fees will apply.

You can e-mail us on or call us at 34128128, and your account manager will be in touch with you shortly.

You can check the section mobile installment add-on to check the latest devices available.
You can subscribe to these device add-ons along  at the time of activation or after plan activation.

Yes, you will have Unlimited data on selected plans for specific plans. Upon crossing your data allowance, your speed will be throttled, however you will continue to have access to data at lower speed,  but you will still be able to send and receive emails, use WhatsApp, that will enable you to contact your customers and colleagues.

They are pro rata, based on when you purchase the plan.

Benefits will be lost and will not be carried forward to the next month.

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