stc Protection and Prevention

stc aims to prevent, fight and stop two issues frequently faced by telecom operators and customers across the world that can impact you too – scam and spam. The first step in combating these issues is achieved with your awareness and prevention against them.

What is spam?

These are irrelevant or unsolicited text messages sent to a large number of people from companies you have not registered with. They are often harmless; however constant SMS notifications and junk loading your inbox can build frustration.

What is scam?

This is when fraudsters trick customers into sharing private information, which allows them to steal money, calling credit, etc. Carried out by fraudsters, recognizing scam can be challenging.

The most common types faced by stc customers are:

Ghost Calls

This type involves missed calls from international numbers that typically ring once. Once connected, you are often greeted with a recorded operator to keep you on the line for as long as possible. This allows them to generate revenue, while victims are billed for the long-distance call.

Lottery Calls

This may be from a local or international number, with the scammer announcing you the winner of a great prize. At times, the trickster may claim it is a part of a stc promotion. The caller would imply the urgent need for your personal information and bank account details to transfer the prize, when in fact it would be used for theft.

SMS Phishing

Scammers may reach customers through SMS and carry out the same hoax involved in lottery calls. At other times, they may request you to transfer calling credit or share details on stc recharge vouchers for a variety of false reasons.

WhatsApp IMO (Applications)

Some tricksters may be disguised as stc employees on WhatsApp or IMO. With either a display picture or status message implying that they are stc representatives, the scammers would make a call and imply an urgent need for you to share sensitive personal data for corporate purposes.

How can I protect myself against these issues?

It is critical to know that stc will only contact you through its official customer care channels on all occasions. stc also recommends the following tips:

1.Do not answer or redial unfamiliar International and local numbers

In the case of picking up a call from an anonymous international number that acts on any of the hoaxes mentioned above, it is important to immediately hang up. Avoid dialing back international numbers with country codes you are unfamiliar with.

2.Do not disclose personal details on suspicious occasions.

Your CPR number, credit or debit card details or any confidential pin codes should not be shared over the phone or via text messages as this can lead to dangerous privacy invasions and theft that could require legal action.

3. Do not share stc recharge voucher numbers or transfer credit to unfamiliar numbers.

This s likely to allow scammers to obtain access to stc’s self-care portal and steal from customers’ stc accounts.

4. Do not respond to WhatsApp or IMO voice calls disguised as stc

stc’s official WhatsApp support channel is restricted to communicating through text messages only via 34124124 for English support and 35124124 for Arabic support. All other attempts of contact are scams. Also note that stc will never use WhatsApp channel to proactively broadcast stc’s latest promotions to customers; nevertheless, can still use this channels to inquire about stc promotions.

5. Block unsolicited SMS with stc’s SMS Blocking Service

You can block unwanted spam messages by sending a free SMS to 81081 with the following details:

Send the word “Block” followed by a space and then include the sender’s number/ID.

e.g. To block unsolicited messages from sender c12aB: Send “Block” space c12aBC to 81081

You can block messages from up to 5 senders in one SMS by mentioning the senders’ IDs/ numbers separated by commas.

You can unblock messages from previously "blocked" senders by sending "unblock" followed by a space then the sender's ID/number to 81081.

If you think you are facing a case of scam or spam, please do report it to stc on its customer care line 124. This helps in collecting the technical information required to combat these issues and put them to an end.