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Secured traffic; where customer traffic is not going through the public Internet Network and hence will not be open to any external attacks like spammers or virus-based activities.

Unlimited threshold. stc offers unlimited usage with the 4G MPLS VPN service regardless of the speed.

Dedicated guaranteed bandwidth where customers are getting symmetrical speeds (Download speed is equal to the Upload speed) along with unlimited usage.

Yes, stc target objective is to use commercially reasonable efforts to make service available at 99.8% for any single link, and 99.99% for dual links.

Yes, this is supported without any limitations or restrictions.

Yes, anytime, anywhere, secure access to monitor the performance and the availability of the circuit, in real-time approach, is available free-of-charge through stc Business Real-time Portal.

* Accessibility: 24x7 access to up-to-date information keeps you fully aware and supported in the process of decision making.
* Transparency: Full visibility of the service, at fingertips, for enhanced analysis and informed decisions.
* Cost-effective: Cost-reduction factor as it eliminates your need to invest in your own monitoring setup.



stc Business Advanced Internet is a shared Internet access, with unlimited threshold and predefined contention ratio.

(A) Quick Delivery: When compared with traditional wired solutions, stc Business Advanced Internet service can be quickly installed and easily configured.
(B) Unlimited Plans: Enjoy endless downloads, do not worry about what applications are running, and never run low-of-speed when your data-cap is consumed.
(C) Relocation Possibility: Whenever required, the hardware components can be shortly relocated somewhere else, providing the customer with the same performance regardless the location.


Yes, one free-of-charge static public IP address is available with each stc Business Advanced Internet plan. You can access your PC, LAN, or CCTV system, no matter where you are in the world.

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