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Yes. You can port in your existing voice line to stc.

Yes. Now your company can choose and get the latest tablets on the new stc business Broadband plans on instalment basis.

Dynamic IP address assigns a different IP address each time customer connects to the Internet. This comes by default with the connection and is not charged.
A static IP address is one that doesn’t change and can be used for web servers or any other applications. Customers can apply to get a Static IP and this will be charged depending on the business broadband plan.

This is due to the broadband router capability. If you require more than 1 voice line check our stc One services.

- Make and receive voice calls - local and international
- Send and receive SMS messages
- Check e-mails, read news, browse content, send and receive MMS and more using data roaming
- Divert calls to any other number
- Use stc Missed Call Notification Plus service



When you reach your destination country just switch on your mobile phone and an operator shall be selected automatically.
If no operator is found, please check the configuration in your mobile phone under network settings. It might have been set to 'manual' network selection mode. Switch it to 'automatic' network selection mode and it should find a roaming network for you.

You may refer to our Business roaming Add-on packages website for the available roaming add-ons. Upon subscription, please wait for the add-on confirmation SMS before re-initiating the add-on request or enabling the data access.

You may refer to our Business roaming Add-on website to view the list of participating countries and networks.

You can upgrade at any time during your contract period without penalty. However, in the case of downgrades, switching fees will apply.

No change to your business continuity; simply dial the number as usual and the call will be charged as per stc Business Voice Select rates.
Your Company will receive two bills. One bill from stc for all international calls and existing bill from your current operator for all other local call charges and monthly rentals.

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