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Yes, by default those services are enabled on all business plans. However, you have the option to raise a request to block any of these services per subscriber level.


Yes, you can select from a new number range that stc will provide or you can port in your existing number range.

Yes, stc Business Customers can enjoy the eSIM experience free of charge on eSIM Enabled iPhone devices

Contact your stc Business Account Manager or visit stc Business Center at stc HQ

Yes, Business Broadband Plans have a minimum 12-month contract.

stc is offering a full comprehensive plan that fits your business needs with different optional Value Added Services

No, currently stc is providing the newest broadband router with the business broadband value that supports the Voice services.

stc is offering the latest Routers on installment basis.

With the business Broadband plans, your business will experience the 4G network access for free.
With stc Business Broadband, you will experience 4G LTE speeds subject to the network coverage in your location.


If the customer wants to terminate the business broadband value plan, than all the lines under the plan will be automatically terminated.
Terminations fee will be applied based on the below formula:-
Monthly Fee of the business broadband Plan X Remaining months

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