stc Protect

stc Protect is an insurance plan that covers everything; from accidental damages, to hardware breakage, theft, burglary and robbery, offering repairs or complete replacement.


Register for coverage with low monthly installments on 12, 18 or 24 Months.

Protection Plan

12/18/24 Months

Protect Mobile Plus

BD 3.25/ Month

Protect Mobile Basic

BD 2.75 / Month

Protect Mobile Plus:

This plan covers accidental damages, theft, robbery & burglary and offers up to 2 repairs or 1 Repair, 1 Replacement or 1 Replacement depending upon the damage or claim type

Protect Mobile Basic:

This plan covers accidental damage to front screen only and offers up to 2 screen replacements depending upon the damage or claim type.

Subject to 5% value added tax




Replacement Deductibles (Excess Fees):

Plan Type

0 to 12 Months

13 to 18 Months

19 to 24 Months


20 BHD

20 BHD

20 BHD


25 BHD

50 BHD

75 BHD