stc Trade-in

Exchange your old phone and stc Trade-in & Save up to 275 BHD.

The value of your phone 

After the device assessment in the shop, You will be notified of the value by our agent. You can use the value of your old device and get a new one at any of our Shops or you may visit


The Device Trade-in Program lets you trade in your old device and receive a new Device from stc with reduced prices related to the amount of your returned device.

You can currently Trade in any stc shop.

We accept a wide range of recent phones including iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, and others. We also accept a wide range of tablets, laptops and wearables.

Trade in is applicable when purchasing a very wide range of new devices from stc.

We will check for full device functionality. The device should be in fully working order with no damage or malfunction which requires repair. The evaluation of the device will depend on the overall condition of the phone. The evaluation will be conducted on the spot in the shop.

You always have the option to accept the trade-in value or not before the transaction is completed.

You will receive a credit voucher based on the device value. Your device will be handed in and you should sign a waiver declaring that it will be wiped and all data cannot be retrieved. You will need to disable any device locks (itunes, find my iPhone etc.) when it is handed in.

No, the value of your trade-in isn’t transferable.

The trade-in value has to be utilized in purchasing a new device in our shop at the time of your trade-in.

No. All trades are final. The device can't be returned to you at any time after you've traded it in.

We can only do one device for each trade-in.

To make sure your personal info is protected, here's what you should do before trading-in your device:

Back it up: Back up any personal info that you want to keep, like contacts, emails, documents, pictures, videos and music. The device can't be returned to you after trade up.

Remove your memory cards: If you have one, remove your memory card.

Reset your device: Delete all your personal info by resetting your device to the factory default settings.

Charge battery: Make sure the battery is charged so that we can check your device out in the store.