VIVA Bahrain announces the launch of its Innovation Center

Empowering businesses with the latest technological solutions
VIVA Bahrain announces the launch of its Innovation Center

(Manama, Bahrain – 23rd December 2018): VIVA Bahrain announces the launch of its Innovation Center – showcasing breakthrough technologies to support the government’s vision of digital transformation while enabling businesses and customers to leverage next-generation solutions and services. Located within the headquarters in Seef district, the VIVA Innovation Center is a platform for developing solutions in modern technologies for various business verticals as well as an innovation think hub.

With its continuous investments in best in-class solutions, providing an evolving portfolio of business solutions, VIVA’s Innovation Center will showcase technologies such as physical and cyber security, smart, managed and modular data centers, automation in hospitality, remote e-learning and smart healthcare, smart office set-up and applications combined with latest enhancements to transport and fleet management services.

In addition, the facility features interactive demo areas that showcase VIVA’s extensive array of innovative solutions and services that can be tailored to the needs of business and consumers.

Announcing the opening of the VIVA Innovation Center, Mr. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, VIVA Bahrain CEO said, “Technological innovation is key to VIVA’s corporate strategy and this will be the focus of our facility to showcase our proactive nature in ICT capabilities, supporting innovation across the country and Bahrain’s business sector. With the launch of our innovation center, businesses will have the opportunity to visit and experience VIVA’s ICT portfolio in the most up-to-date technology and in real-time.”

VIVA Bahrain’s services have been key digital enablers for other sectors within Bahrain’s economy and with technology as part of its DNA, the telecom operator continues to develop the most agile network and infrastructure to enable customers to meet their business objectives.