Jusoor’s strategy is based on creating partnerships with its stakeholders; employees, customers, government, contractors, suppliers, in pursue of a win-win relationship for the sustainable wellbeing of all, with focuses on:

  • Supporting community empowerment
  • Minimizing environmental and social impact of its supply chain practices and operations
  • Treating employees with respect & fairness
  • Supporting volunteerism
  • Transparency






We engage with our community through Non-Government Organization (NGO) partnerships through facilitating the flow of information to the communities where we operate to create the empowered individuals. Our prime focus is on the empowerment of people in the community.

We take care of our employees and the wider community through initiatives such as our volunteering programme that supports active community service.

We ensure compliance in internal recycling campaigns that are held to reduce the waste resources, through the implementation and placement of various recycling bins in addition to the use of other recyclable items throughout the year.

The use of technology is important and stc strives for sustainability through the best use of technological practices.