4G Home Broadband

Get an extreme broadband experience for your home with the newest cutting-edge technology in Bahrain. This broadband experience offers:

  • Network availability across Bahrain
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Exclusive & FREE Jawwy TV Home
  • Unlimited TV and Video Streaming **


PlansMonthly RentalMonthly DataAdditional SIM’s to shareJAWWY TV Box
Home Broadband 10BD 1060 GB-Not included
Home Broadband 14BD 14*60 GB-Included**
Home Broadband 17BD 17*180 GB1Included**
Home Broadband 22BD 22*260 GB2Included**
Home Broadband 32BD 32*450 GB3Included**

*Promotional prices for a limited period

**Enjoy UNLIMITED FREE data for video and TV streaming of Jawwy TV with stc Home Broadband plans ( Apps section excluded)


stc Home Broadband Device
The home broadband comes with two options of routers
Outdoor Router (Recommended)

Available with Home Broadband Plans starting at BD 1.4/month only* with no upfront
* Applicable for new customers subscribing to Home Broadband 17, Home Broadband 22 & Home Broadband 32; otherwise, device will cost only BD 2/month over 24 months.
Indoor Router
Available with Home Broadband Plans starting at BD 1.1/month only* with no upfront on 24 month
* Applicable for new customers subscribing to Home Broadband 17, Home Broadband 22 & Home Broadband 32; otherwise, device will cost only BD 1.5/month over 24 months.


Jawwy TV is the ultimate home entertainment that offers an all in one bouquet of Live TV along with a rich catalogue of Western, Arabic, kids and Turkish movies and TV series. Featuring advanced functionalities, the Jawwy TV set-top box is an easy plug and play receiver that can connect via WiFi or an Ethernet cable to allow streaming your best programs

Visit JAWWY TV movies and series library here



Think Fast Wi-Fi, Think stc
Boost your WiFi all over your home with Wi-Fi speed that exceeds 1 Gbps. Get the smart WiFi now for only BD 1/Month and ensure your WiFi coverage all over your house. Get it now its easy to setup (plug and play), eliminates dead zones and provides a skyrocket Wi-Fi.


  • The stc Home Broadband or stc Home Wi-Fi device or Jawwy TV Box will remain under stc's ownership after contract expiry or termination.
  • Home Broadband Plans are offered on a 24-month contract.
  • Jawwy TV Home service is offered on 12 month contract
  • Fair usage policy applies.


Terms and conditions apply.

Prices are subject to 5% VAT.


Data Top-ups

Out of data? Don’t worry you can quickly top-up through my stc App, to know more about available top-up options please click here