Gaming Add-on


stc introducing a new set of gaming add-ons that will Change your gaming experience by boosting the performance with the best gaming latency, providing extra free gaming Data and discount on gift cards.

Gaming Add-ons on your mobile plans (Postpaid/Prepaid)

Addon NameMonthly FeeBenefits
Gaming Add-on 10GBBHD 3Additional Gaming Data 10GB per month (games included click here)
10% discounts on gaming Gift cards products
Activate today from my stc BH App, go to “Add-ons”, and click on “Available Add-ons”


  • For postpaid Plan; Gaming add-on will be renewed automatically.
  • For Prepaid Plan; Gaming add-on will be automatically expire after 30 days.
  • You can check your remaining benefits through my stc BH app
  • Discount of 10% will be applied on Gift Card purchases with a maximum cap limit (Up to 5 BD/Month as total discounts per bill cycle)

How to activate Gaming Add-ons for your mobile plans (Postpaid or Prepaid)

1. Through my stc BH App

go to “Add-ons”, and click on “Available Add-ons”

2. Through USSD or SMS command

ProductUSSD ActivationUSSD DeactivationSMS ActivationSMS deactivation
Gaming Add On 10GB*88855*1##88855#ON1 to 88855OFF to 88855