stc 4G+

What is 4G+?

4G+ (or LTE Advanced) is a technical upgrade to the existing LTE platform of stc’s network.
4G+ (or LTE Advanced) is the new term for the superfast 4G network combining all of the network spectrums to offer advanced LTE coverage and capacity.


What are the benefits of 4G+?

You will experience mega speeds with faster voice, video, messaging and data services when using stc’s network across the whole of Bahrain.


What are the speeds that 4G+ offers?

4G+ boost speeds up to 225 Mbps on stc 4G network, enabling faster browsing and streaming of online content at a higher speed and quality.


What is the area of coverage for 4G+?

stc offers nation-wide coverage of 4G+.


Do I have to register to experience 4G+?

stc subscribers will be able to automatically experience this upgraded network coverage on their LTE-enabled devices including AppleSamsung and Huawei smartphones. For now, 4G+ is available to all stc subscribers for free. This promotion is available for a limited period of time. Terms & Conditions Apply.

For home broadband devices such as routers and Mifi, customers require the latest models that support 4G+.


If my device does not support 4G+, what shall I do?

stc offers great deals for handsets supporting 4G+, click here to know the details.


How do I know if my mobile is connected to 4G+?

Android handsets supporting 4G+ will display ‘4G+’. Apple devices supporting 4G+ will continue displaying ‘LTE’.


Devices supporting 4G+

Galaxy A3 (2017)Smartphone
Galaxy A5 (2016)Smartphone
Galaxy A5 (2017)Smartphone
Galaxy A7 (2016)Smartphone
Galaxy A7 (2017)Smartphone
Galaxy A8Smartphone
Galaxy A9 proSmartphone
Galaxy AlphaSmartphone
Galaxy C9 ProSmartphone
Galaxy Note 3(N9005)Smartphone
Galaxy Note 4Smartphone
Galaxy Note 4 S-LTESmartphone
Galaxy Note 5Smartphone
Galaxy Note 7Smartphone
Galaxy Note EdgeSmartphone
Galaxy S5 LTE+Smartphone
Galaxy S5 NeoSmartphone
Galaxy S6Smartphone
Galaxy S6 EdgeSmartphone
Galaxy S6 Edge+Smartphone
Galaxy S7Smartphone
Galaxy S7 EdgeSmartphone
Galaxy S8+Smartphone
Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7") 4G+Tablet
Galaxy Tab S3 (9.7")Tablet
Samsung Gear S3 Frontier (LTE)Watch
iPhone 6SSmartphone
iPhone 6S PlusSmartphone
iPhone 7Smartphone
iPhone 7 PlusSmartphone
iPad ProTablet
Ascend Mate 7Smartphone
Mate 8Smartphone
Mate 9Smartphone
P9 LiteSmartphone
P10 PlusSmartphone
Honor 6Smartphone
Honor 6 PlusSmartphone
Honor Note 8Smartphone
MediaPad X2Tablet
Nexus 6PSmartphone
Mate SSmartphone